Our New Country Road


This is the spot where our new country road will begin! At the end of this road will be our new house! A farmhouse actually, with a classic design, yet modern floor plan, giving me dreams of the simple country life for me and my boys (two toddlers and a husband that is, hehehe). Our house plan has everything a good Southern Farmhouse should, including a wrap around porch and five acres to roam! More on the house plan in the next post.

Our property is in Virginia, just outside of Richmond. The best and most intriguing part of our property location is that all our closest neighbors will be family. Our private five acres is down a private road, passing several family members, all living on part of a larger family parcel. What a great place this will be for my boys to grow up!

We’ve had our house plans for a year now as we have been working on getting our property ready for building. The time has finally come and we will start clearing the trees to make room for the road and the house this coming week!

There are several other blogs I have read that share the experience of building a house and have helped me, including the blog that lead me to our house plans! So, if you’re as interested in the building process as I am, follow along with me on this exciting new journey. I’ll be sharing our inspiration for the house, my love of architecture and design, and simple farmhouse and country living. You can follow along with me on Instagram too, as I share pictures and inspiration for our new house!

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