Finding a Farmhouse for Four

I started searching for the perfect floor plan three years ago. That’s when my husband and I began discussing the possibility that our dream to build a house in the country could actually happen and sooner than we thought. I started looking at beautiful and grand Victorian house plans, because that’s this girl’s dream home, but as amazing as these homes were they just didn’t seem to fit our family. Especially since I’m the only girl in this family of four. So I really thought about how our home will fit into the life we want for our family. I visualize a place that feels homey and warm, simple, yet beautiful, and would fit just perfectly on a nice country piece of property. A classic American Farmhouse is exactly the image I had for our family life. So, the search for the perfect one began. There were plenty of houses I found that I loved but nothing that was just right. Until… I found the perfect house. It was absolutely, exactly what I was looking for, a modern take on the classic farmhouse. I found it on and too my luck it turned out the house was just thirty minutes away in an up and coming neighborhood and even better yet it was currently a model home! So I made a couple trips to see it and then finally convinced my husband to take a trip to actually tour it.



About this time I also realized this floor plan and general design looked like a larger version of another house I had seen and loved. A Moser Design Group plan, named by Southern Living as Aiken Ridge. Here’s my favorite version of the Aiken Ridge.


Source: (Aiken Ridge, in Serenbe)

Oh, here it is in red!

aiken ridge in red.PNG

Source: google: aiken ridge

Once I actually got to tour the model home, named The Maple, by Beringer Builders, I realized that it was absolutely gorgeous but not going to work for us. The living room just wasn’t going to allow the amount of seating we needed and no matter how hard I tried to change things around, I just couldn’t make it work. So, this is not the house plan we chose but I promise I have a point. This all led to our house plan because I didn’t take this plan out of my top choices and it sent me on a search for more Moser Design Group plans, and by the way I love them all! If you’re searching for a classic farmhouse look with a modern floor plan, you must check our their designs!

Finally, I came across a blog documenting the process of building another Moser Design Group house, named by Southern Living as the Glenview Cottage. There’s even a video tour of the finished house. This tour is what caught my attention. The floor plan was fabulous when seeing it built. I’d seen this house before and it didn’t immediately catch my attention but seeing it all in white and the flow of the floor plan, put this house in my top three choices. Once I saw this version of the Glenview Cottage by John Marshall Custom Homes, I was hooked!


Source: John Marshall Custom Homes

Ultimately, the final decision was given to my husband who also loved the Glenview Cottage, mostly for it’s large wrap around porch. So the decision was finally made and the inspiration for our floor plan was to be the Glenview Cottage. I say inspiration because we made quite a few major changes. I’ll have more on our final floor plan in the next post!


Source: Cottage Living Floor Plans, Glenview Cottage







































































































































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